There is an option to fight a DOL issued suspension or revocation. In order to do this, the DOL “Driver’s Hearing Request” form must be filled out. The arresting officer should have given this form to you if you took a breath test and the result was .08 or higher, or if the breath test was refused. If a blood test was taken, the DOL generally mails this form to you. Get help from Leyba Defense PLLC today.

There are a few requirements necessary in order to fight a DUI license suspension or revocation. You can only fight this by mailing the form to the DOL within 20 days of the date of notice along with a check for $375.00 (waivable if indigent).

When fighting a suspension or revocation, the DOL will suspend or revoke your license if you miss the deadline or take no action. This is true even if you have valid legal defense and/or you’re found innocent of the DUI charge.

Under 2009 law, an individual does have the option to apply for an ignition interlock device (IID) license if their privilege to drive is suspended. Having an experienced Seattle DUI defense attorney who is knowledgeable about DOL procedures and law can be a huge help and may give you a fighting chance at saving your license.


In addition to the administrative suspension imposed by the DOL, a DUI conviction in Seattle carries a separate, additional license suspension. For a first time conviction, the minimum additional license suspension is 90 days if the BAC reading is under .15. If the BAC is over .15, the license is revoked for a minimum of one year. If the breath test was refused on the first offense, there is a minimum two-year suspension. Subsequent convictions produce dramatically longer suspensions.


This penalty varies depending on the circumstances of the arrest. For first-time offenders, the judge has the power to impose a maximum sentence of up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. A minimum sentence applies to most Seattle DUI cases and even when the accused as no criminal history, the judge is required by law to impose the minimum sentence. The judge, however, is free to impose a harsher sentence when the circumstances warrant it.

The minimum sentence required by Washington state law for first-time offenders without a criminal history and a BAC reading under .15 is one day in jail, a fine, probation, and an additional license suspension imposed by the DOL.

For cases that involve BAC results of .15 or higher, or the test was refused, the minimum sentence required by law is two days in jail, an increased fine, and a longer license suspension. Keep in mind that if passengers were in the car, the judge may increase the sentence. If the passengers were under 16 years old, there will be an increase in the IID requirement, fine, and a possible jail sentence.

In all cases, the court is required to keep a permanent record of the conviction.

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